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Flagging Scam Ads on Craigslist

Craigslist flagging service provider team can give some extra service to their customer doing their business in craigslist. If the customer told us to see their ads condition and other competitors condition Then we see all the page all time to put her ads top of the page.If some scammer trying to copy her ads or post some unnecessary ads against her business then we collect all her ads and flag them very first that the scammer cant make any ... ...

Professional Craigslist flagging service

Craigslist is the most popular market place .Where people are come every time .SO you can make you business as good as profitable in craigslist.We will help you to make this position in craigslist. CAF can give you the best results with our professional team by flagging ads of your competitors . All that needs to be done is submitting the AD URL and the listing will be complete in a short while. Our flagging service will give guarantee of your more sales. We ... ...

Priority And Instant Flagging

We have a strong and effective team  who has enough resource.We just need the ad url of your competitors, that we can manage to flag any company which you will request, for any category you need, you will be sure that your ads will be there at the sight for the first person looking for what you can offer in craigslist. As well those who post scam and spam just to make the fun of it .In every time we give ... ...

Daily Proof Reporting

Maintenance is an essential part of our service.For that Our flagging service will give you guarantee for your company and your services a trustworthy commitment from our professional to you, We provide daily reports on your work. we honor only unique flagged ads for any reason you want it to be flagged. We make sure you receive best quality and immediate assistance from us.

Over 5 years of experience we’ll ensure you get the best guidance.